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A broad pallet of effective solutions.

Today, Detia Degesch is a leading producer of stored product protectants with a worldwide distribution structure. Our products are used in over 120 countries.

The product quality strategy that has led to this success goes back 175 years. Detia Degesch has the product you need, regardless of what your product protection problem is.

100% effectiveness, 100% human protection.

Pest control must be effective, and humans must be protected just as effectively. Our research and development efforts, as well as constant improvements in our application techniques, are geared to this goal. The result is satisfaction of the requirements of both profession pest controllers and private users.

Quality speaks for itself.

The highly qualified staffing and top-quality materials available in Germany made this country a clear choice for our production site: It has just what our quality products need. An extensive catalogue of patents and official recognition as a Test Laboratory for Stored Product Protectants further confirm the quality of our work.

High production standards.

Our products demand high production standards. All European quality and safety standards are either met or exceeded. Compliance with all relevant environmental protection regulations is a matter of course.

Just as important: education, training, service.

A product is only as good as its application. We promote effective and economical use of our products in user-oriented training courses, seminars and personal service - worldwide.

For a tomorrow worth living.

Our commitment to quality remains. Our products contribute to control of pests that threaten to consume and damage stored products and other materials as well as control of hygiene pests. The high standards we set for our development, production, product and training programmes ensure us a leading role in pest control in the future as well.