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Pests and their Biology

Stored product, house and hygiene pests have become a serious problem in recent years. Insects, mites, rats and mice do not belong in our food stores or kitchens. Besides the damage caused by continuous feeding, these animals can also transmit microorganisms to working surfaces, equipment and our foods. The recent increase in the number of cases of food and feed poisoning is partially due to such stored product and hygiene pests. Material pests such as the common clothes moth are also on the increase due to the increasing use of natural fibres.

You will find a list of the most important stored product, house and hygiene pests under "Pests", categorized according to problem areas as follows: ants, flies, beetles, moths, rodent pests, vermin.

Safety Data Sheets

The corresponding safety data sheets provide detailed information on our products, the active substances they contain and emergency product handling.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most questions on use of fumigants are found on the FAQ page. Feel free to use the contact form to write to us if your questions are not answered there. Be assured of a speedy reply.