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Degesch Plates / Degesch Strips

Degesch Plates and Degesch Strips are formulations containing 56 % magnesium phosphide. They begin to outgas after contact with air or product moisture. The components are integrated in a flexible plastic matrix coated with special paper that is permeable to water vapour. Degesch Plates and Strips are individually packaged in gas-tight aluminium bags. The Degesch Strip comprises 20 Degesch Plates strung together, each weighing 117 g.

As soon as the product is removed from the aluminium foil bag, outgassing begins after a brief, but sufficient, delay. Degesch Plates / Strips are the product of choice for controlling cigarette beetles, lesser grain borers, grain and rice weevils, rust-red flour beetles, moths and many other pest species. Product aroma, appearance and taste are not affected by fumigation with Degesch Plates / Strips. In addition to its excellent insecticidal properties, outgassing phosphine diffuses very rapidly through nearly all packaging materials such as paper, wood and synthetic materials, as well as through tightly packed goods such as tobacco in crates or bales.

Fields of application:

The formula for Degesch Plates and Degesch Strips contains no ammonium carbamate, making them particularly suitable for fumigation of tobacco. They are also suitable for treatment of packed, sacked and processed products such as grain, rice, flour, coffee, tea, cocoa, cocoa beans, spices, herbs, nuts, animal feeds, cotton, jute, chocolate, etc. Degesch Plates and Strips can be deployed successfully under all conceivable storage conditions as long as the storage unit is appropriately sealed off. They can even be used at lower temperatures and under dry conditions if the exposure time is lengthened.

Advantages of Degesch Plates and Degesch Strips:

  • No contamination of products with phosphide residues.
  • No negative effects on taste and aroma of stored products.
  • No danger to the ozone layer.
  • Effective against all developmental stages of the most important stored product pests.
  • Application is simple and safe.
  • Product of choice for treatment of sensitive goods and packaged products.


Phosphine is also highly toxic to humans and warm-blooded animals. It is therefore absolutely necessary to comply with the relevant safety measures. Degesch plates and strips have been specially formulated to raise the level of safety when the products are applied. Packages of products containing phosphine may only be opened outdoors. Degesch plates and strips may only be used by trained personnel or under their supervision.