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The Detia Degesch Monitoring System

Successful pest control starts with the early detection of a pest infestation. The sooner pests are detected in the warehouse and determined exactly, the more specific, effective and cost-saving the pest control measures will be.

For such control measures regarding the occurrence of pests the term Monitoring is used today. The different Monitoring systems give information over various aspects to the infestation situation. The following questions are in this connection of priority importance:

  • Recognition of an infestation:
    Is pest infestation present?

  • Information to the kind of pest and their development stage:
    Which pests are present?

  • Measuring of the infestation strength and the spatial distribution: 
    How strong is the infestation in which areas?

  • Information to the population dynamics: 
    When and under which conditions pests often arise?

  • Measuring of the progress after a pest control:
    Is infestation still present after the pest control?

Systems, which function on basis of pheromones, have probably the greatest importance within the range of monitoring. Here above all sexual lures play a large role. These scents are being released by mating-ready female insects to transmit signals to the appropriate male sex partners. A monitoring system uses this principle, by synthetically produced pheromones to be distributed. These scents are attractive to the target organisms and evaporate from special substrates and attract the insects in different trapping systems (e.g. glue traps, funnel traps).

With the control of pests in warehouses Detia Degesch sets on a monitoring system with reliable pheromone technology. This system was particularly developed for large scale users e.g. in the food industry or in grain stores. With effectiveness, effect duration and design of the products, practically oriented experiences stood in the foreground and the newest knowledge from research and development was taken into consideration to be able to guarantee the highest measure in contentment to the user.

Combined with our fumigation products which are proven for decades, Detia Degesch offers therefore effective solutions to protect stocks successfully.