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Monitoring for Moths

Frequently arising pests in the storekeeping are Indian meal moth, Warehouse (stored tobacco) moth, Mediterranean flour moth, Tropical warehouse moth a. o. The different development stages of these insects can be found in stockrooms on and in food and feed stuff which they damage and dirty directly or indirectly by eating, spinning or simply the presence of the larvae and their eggs.

The PHERO-CONTROL Glue-Trap is provided with a special non-drying sticking gel, which holds the flying pests safely. The application is very easy. After unfolding the trap and placing the PHERO-CONTROL Stick “Moth” with the blue coloured lid, the trap body should be hung-up with the attached wire by head height.

The effectiveness of the PHERO-CONTROL Stick “Moth” amounts up to 3 months. The pheromones are being delivered evenly during the whole period which guarantees a constant lure effect. Should the trap be dirty or full, the still effective PHERO-CONTROL Stick can easily be removed and placed in a new trap.

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