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Monitoring for Tobacco Pests

The tobacco beetle Lasioderma serricorne causes large damages in the tobacco industry. Here in both the stock keeping as well as in the processing branches control measures are absolutely necessary.

The PHERO-CONTROL Stick “Beetle” with the red coloured lid contents the special pheromone, which is extremely attractive to tobacco beetles. The airworthy beetles are held safely on the special sticking gel in the glue trap, so that an infestation can be promptly determined and statements about the infestation development are possible.

With the simultaneous occurrence of tobacco moths and tobacco beetles the PHERO-CONTROL Glue Trap can also be used as a combination system. For this purpose both dispensers, the PHERO-CONTROL Stick “Moth” and the PHERO-CONTROL Stick “Beetle” have to be placed in the glue trap and a safe monitoring against both tobacco pests is given.

Since glue traps are not always optimally suitable in dirty ranges, for such dust-loaded areas certain funnel traps are recommended. With these trap types the PHERO-CONTROL Sticks can simply be brought into the fixtures intended for it.

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