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Monitoring for Beetles

The PHERO-CONTROL Multi-Beetle-Trap is a combination of re-usable trap body and an exchangeable lure cartridge with attractive pheromones and food attractants for a successful infestation control.

The pheromone is kept in a depot with a special rubber cover, which guarantees an even distribution of the lure over the entire duration of the effectiveness of 8 weeks. Tests have shown attractiveness on the following beetle species: Rust Red Flour Beetles, Drug Store Beetles, Tobacco Beetles and Khapra Beetles.

The mixture of food attractants which was developed by the UK Government's Central Science Laboratory has shown effect on: Grain Weevils, Rice Weevils, Maize Weevils, Lesser Grain Borers, Foreign Grain Beetles, Saw Toothed Grain Beetles, Merchant Grain Beetles and Confused Flour Beetles.

The design of the trap prevents the catch surface to get dirty and comes to meet the climbing urge of the beetles with the steep entrance ramp. As soon as the parasites have entered the trap, they are being coated with wheat germ oil, which likewise possesses an attracting effect. It is then no longer possible for them to escape.

Cross-section of the PHERO-CONTROL Multi-Beetle-Trap showing the narrow entry, the entry ramp, the deep trapping pit lined with oil-impregnated filter paper, the special food extract lure plus the yellow 'Pherogel' lure capped with black rubber.