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Tablets / Pellets

The tablets (3 g) and pellets (0.6 g) contain 56-57% aluminium phosphide as the active substance and 43-44% inert components that facilitate controlled outgassing of phosphine. The outgassing of the tablets and pellets begins after a brief delay once the fumigation product comes into contact with product or ambient moisture. The outgassing rate depends on the temperature and humidity levels. The smaller dimensions of the pellets result in somewhat more rapid outgassing than with the tablets.

All developmental stages of stored product pests and rodents can be controlled with phosphine in outdoor applications. The highly potent gas penetrates nearly all packaging materials and densely packed stored products. Since phosphine reacts with noble metals such as silver, gold, copper and their compounds, these substances must be provided with sufficient protection from fumigation.

Product specification:

Tablets are supplied in two forms: flat and round tablets weighing 3 g each. Round tablets are supplied in 1 kg bottles (except for Magnesium phosphide tablets: 900 g), flat tablets (regulars) in tubes containing 30 pcs. each, 16 tubes per tin. The pellets are smaller and weigh only 0.6 g each. 5 pellets are thus equivalent to one tablet.

Fields of application:

Use of tablets and pellets is not restricted to certain storage types as long as the storage unit can be made appropriately gas-tight. They are used in silos, on ships, in warehouses, etc. and can be placed in the product to be treated manually or using the Detia Degesch dosing device.


Phosphine is also highly toxic to humans and warm-blooded animals. It is therefore absolutely necessary to comply with the relevant safety measures. To raise the level of safety when the tablets and pellets are applied, special components have been included in the formulation to delay outgassing. The safety of Detia Degesch fumigants is further optimized by the simplicity of their application. Packages of products containing phosphine may only be opened outdoors. Detia Degesch tablets and pellets may only be used by trained personnel or under their supervision.