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Bag products

Detia bag products contain 57% aluminium phosphide as the active substance - just like the tablets and pellets. The formulation has been integrated in a special bag material (Tyvek) characterized by high levels of strength and elasticity. Water in the liquid state cannot penetrate this specially coated material. This means additional control over the outgassing rate, so that Tyvek bags should never be opened during use. Time-delayed outgassing of phosphine begins as soon as the bags are removed from the transport package.

Product specification:

a) The improved mixture contains components for time-delayed outgassing.

b) The wide variety of bag product variants available facilitates application in all types of storage units.

c) The Tyvek bag is only permeable to water vapour and phosphine and is practically impermeable to water in the liquid state.

d) The formula does not include ammonium carbamate, so that Detia Degesch bag products are also suitable for fumigation of sensitive products such as tobacco, tea and spices.

Fields of application:

Single bags are particularly well-suited to fumigation of small rooms and objects, e.g. railcars. They can, however, also be placed among grain or other goods during silo cell filling. In such cases, the bags must be removed when the silos are emptied. A chain of bags comprises 2 x 50 interconnected single bags and is therefore suitable for treatment of large spaces, e.g. on ships and in flat warehouses or empty rooms. The bag chain can be put in place quickly and easily, then removed just as easily after fumigation.


As always when fumigating with phosphine, the storage unit must be made 100% gas-tight. Best results are obtained when all cracks and openings, with the exception of the filling opening, are sealed before treatment is begun. Openings connecting to adjacent silo cells or buildings must also be sealed off prior to fumigation.


Phosphine is also highly toxic to humans and warm-blooded animals. It is therefore absolutely necessary to comply with the relevant safety measures. Detia Degesch bag products have been specially formulated to raise the level of safety when the products are applied. Packages of products containing phosphine may only be opened outdoors. Detia Degesch bag products may only be used by trained personnel or under their supervision.