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Magnesium phosphide Tablets and Pellets

DEGESCH MAGTOXIN contains 66 % magnesium phosphide, ammonium carbamate and paraffin. The product form is round tablets weighing 3 g each and pellets weighing 0.6 g each. Degesch Magtoxin produces phosphine after contact with the atmosphere in a temperature and humidity-dependent reaction. This is also true of Detia Degesch products containing aluminium phosphide.


Degesch Magtoxin is characterized by excellent insecticidal properties. The phosphine gas it produces permeates the products to be treated and their packaging very quickly and is effective against all developmental stages of grain and rice beetles, the saw-toothed grain beetle, cadelle, Khapra beetle, Angoumois grain moth, Indian meal moth and flour moths. Ammonia and carbon dioxide serve as “protective gas”. Magnesium phosphide outgases more rapidly than aluminium phosphide. The maximum phosphine concentration can be reached after only 24 to 36 hours. By way of comparison, outgassing of products containing aluminium phosphide is only 72% complete in the same period (at 60% rel. humidity and 20°C).

Fields of application:

Degesch Magtoxin is highly suitable for fumigation of bulk products and silo cells and is effective against insects in barley, maize, millet, oats, peanuts, rice, rye, sunflower seeds, wheat and animal feed in silos, on ships, in flat warehouses, etc.

Advantages of Degesch Magtoxin:

  • Rapid outgassing
  • Dust residues contain practically no nonoutgassed metal phosphide
  • Economical in use

Advantages of magnesium phosphide:

  • Fumigation is also possible at lower temperatures and low humidity
  • Outgassing is more rapid than with aluminium phosphide



Phosphine is also highly toxic to humans and warm-blooded animals. It is therefore absolutely necessary to comply with the relevant safety measures. Degesch Magtoxin has been specially formulated to raise the level of safety when the product is applied. Packages of products containing phosphine may only be opened outdoors. Magnesium phosphide products may only be used by trained personnel or under their supervision.