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Equipment and accessories

Detia Degesch Automatic Dispenser:         

The Detia Degesch automatic dispenser is designed for automatically dosed addition of Phostoxin, Magtoxin and Detia-Gas-Ex tablets and pellets to the grain stream: The modern, economic method of grain and feed insect pest control in silo cells.

PHOSTOXIN has been used worldwide for many years and is now recognized as one of the most versatile and effective fumigants for stored product protection. More and more silos are being constructed worldwide to increase grain storage capacities. The need for equipment that simplifies the fumigation process and can be used in practically every type of silo complex resulted in the development of our automatic dispenser. It can also be used with our product DEGESCH MAGTOXIN. The automatic dispenser is now being used very successfully worldwide and has proved reliable in years of operation. Simple handling eliminates operating and dosing errors and ensures uniform distribution of the PHOSTOXIN or DEGESCH MAGTOXIN tablets or pellets in the grain.

The automatic dispenser can also be equipped to dispense "round tablets" of PHOSTOXIN or DEGESCH MAGTOXIN by simply replacing the dosing disc and inserting an additional metal ring plus a gasket.


Fumigation case:         

This basic kit includes useful accessories to supplement the high-quality Detia Degesch aluminium and magnesium phosphide fumigation products items every technician will need for a safe fumigation procedure. The full-face mask with filter, gas detector and tube-type monitoring device for different measuring ranges are already familiar. We have added leather work gloves and cotton overalls to complete the set. Both of these items contribute to the safety and hygiene of the technicians doing the fumigation work.

Other important items include the warning posters that must be used for every fumigation as well as the insect information sheet, magnifier and forceps used to identify pest species. A notepad with a ballpoint pen and sealing tape complete the set.

All articles come in a stable pilot's case made of artificial leather, 46 x 32 x 20 cm, making the set easy to transport (weight: approx. 5 kg).


Gas mask Auer 3 S filter, gas detector, tube-type gas monitoring device, cotton overalls, gloves, notepad, magnifier, insect forceps and insect information sheet.



This circulation system controls precisely dosed and uniform air exchange within the grain mass in every storage facility, regardless of size and construction type. This ensures controlled released of phosphine from the Detia Degesch fumigants in gas-tight buildings. The Detia Degesch J-System is intended for use mainly in silo cells and on ships.

Installation of the Detia Degesch J-System:
The Detia Degesch J-System is easy to install and operate. It can be installed either inside or outside of buildings. The individual components are set up to meet specific customer requirements at specific storage facilities. The Detia Degesch J-System can even be adapted to structures with no ventilation system.

Products that can be used:
The Detia Degesch J-System is specially designed for use with Detia Degesch fumigants such as Phostoxin, Magtoxin and Detia-Gas-Ex. Products containing both aluminium phosphide and magnesium phosphide can be used.

Mode of action:
Instead of placing the fumigant inside the grain mass, it is applied on the surface of the pile. After a brief delay, outgassing of the phosphine begins in the empty space above the grain mass surface. After the J-System is activated, the air above the surface of the grain mass is sucked off and blown through a pipe into the grain mass. This ensures uniform distribution of the phosphine gas in the entire storage unit within a short period.
This process is continued until the fumigant has outgassed completely. Reliable insect mortality is ensured by circulation of the gas and the resulting uniform gas distribution in the entire grain mass.

Advantages of the Detia Degesch J-System:

  • Reduces the phosphine exposure level of fumigation technicians during the procedure.
  • Faster and more uniform phosphine distribution.
  • Pests are killed more rapidly.
  • No additional costs for shifting of the grain mass.
  • Avoids the damage to grains caused by shifting of the grain mass.


Detia Degesch Speedbox

Degesch Plates have stood their test many times when used in containers or stacked bags especially in low temperatures.  Fast penetration and a short fumigation period also make possible an effective treatment of packed storage products. The easy handling before and after the fumigation is much appreciated by pest controllers worldwide.
By developing the Speedbox Detia Degesch has made it possible to further extend the fields of application of the Degesch Plates. Whilst in prevailing low temperatures the gas evolvement is delayed the use of the Speedbox will make a 100% decomposition within 60 hours  possible independent of the outside temperatures. Furthermore the time until the required gas concentration is reached is decisively shortened. The Speedbox guarantees a constant and quick gas development.

The Speedbox is consigned exclusively for the use of Degesch Plates. It is possible to insert up to 12 Degesch Plates into the Speedbox which will evolve a maximum of 396 g PH3. The intended fields of application are mainly containers, stacked bags or spaces.

The handling of the Speedbox has deliberately been conceived to be simple and can thus soon be used by unskilled personnel. Whilst the temperature for the heating up of the Degesch Plates can be chosen between 20 35 C the volume stream will remain constant.


  • ideal accessory especially in low temperatures
  • conceived for the use of the advantages Degesch Plates
  • faster achievement of the effective gas concentration
  • aeration time is reduced
  • even decomposition of the product


  • weight: 25 kg
  • measurements: 750 x 400 x 410 mm
  • voltage: 230 V, on request also 110 V possible
  • output: max. 900 W
  • output volume: max. 140m / h.

Detia Degesch Fumigation Sheet

Description:      Polyethylene compound laminate with a gas barrier film of special quality, absolutely gas-tight, resistant to tearing and reinforced with a grid-like net. Self adhesive tape can be easily adhered to. UV-stabilized. Permeability tested by FERA & CIP!!

Technical Data

Colour                                      green
Material                                    PE /Nicotarp SARANEX
Weight                                      approx. 236 g/m2
Thickness                                205 F
Tensile strength                      850 x 850 N/50 mm

- length                                     30%
- width                                      15%

- stability                                  - 400 C

- stability                                  +700 C

Maximum Size                         30 x 40 m