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Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator

Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator and Magtoxin Granules

After considerable development work and field studies, we launched our newest fumigant, Magtoxin Granules which are intended for use only with the Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator. The Granules are a high assay magnesium phosphide product. When added to the Generator, the Granules produce phosphine gas at a very high rate which is then pumped into the storage to be fumigated. The generation of phosphine and its introduction are controlled by this new device and can safely be applied into the commodity.

What is the Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator and how does it work?

The Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator is a new device for the rapid production and introduction of phosphine gas into the stored commodity. The Generator is operated outside the storage structure and the phosphine gas is pumped into the storage site. Since the phosphine concentration is maintained below the lower explosion limit, there is no fire hazard.
The Generator is operated by a touch screen computer board. Once programmed, the Generator will operate automatically, except for addition of the Granules, until the desired concentration has been achieved. The operator has the option of interrupting the program to pause or stop completely the production of phosphine. Valves and controls may be adjusted, as desired, at any time during the generation process.

What you need on site to operate the Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator?

A water supply and electricity are required to operate the Generator along with a supply of bottled carbon dioxide.

The integrated safety features:

The Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator may only be operated by certified fumigators who have been specially trained in use of this equipment. To prevent any hazard, several safety features have been integrated in the Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator. In case of malfunction such as poor air, water, electricity or carbon dioxiode supply, the phosphine production will be stopped immediately and the device turns off.

Fields of application:

  • Silos
  • Mills
  • Food plants
  • Large flat silos


  • Dimensions: 107 x 107 x 153 cm
  • Weight:  approx 272 kg
  • Electrical: 230 V, on request also 110 v possible

The advantages of the Detia Degesch Phosphine Generator:

  • Worker exposure during application of phosphine is virtually eliminated
  • Rapid and high rate phosphine production and immediate availability of the pure gas.
  • Subsequent dosage of phosphine is possible at any time.
  • Ambient temperature and humidity do not affect the phosphine generation rate
  • The fumigant is completely reacted and there is never a requirement for deactivation
  • Hazards are excluded due to the integrated safety features.
  • Only a small amount of carbon dioxide is required to generate the phosphine.
  • Multiple fumigations from one location
  • The Magtoxin Granules will release about 48 percent of their weight as phosphine, the highest percentage of any metal phosphine product on the market.