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Special Products for Reliable Pest Control.

The active substances are not the only important aspect for a successful pest control. The bait must be attractive and palatable to the rodents. The important parameters here are both the taste and consistency of the bait.

Our products are based on a range of bait mixtures that can be combined with the required anticoagulant substances. As the feeding habits of rodents vary within individual control areas as well as within regions and countries, we can add flavourings to our products to suit the specific requirements. The choice of flavourings, e. g. vanillin, nut, fish or lime, contributes to the improvement of bait acceptance.

Our selection of products offers you the best solution for the control of mouse and rat populations in all environments:

1. Fresh Bait:

A combination of cereals, such as oats, maize and wheat, that is particularly attractive to rats and mice. This product is designated for use indoors.

2. Pellet Bait:

A pressed cereal bait that is as attractive as fresh bait, however the pellets are particularly robust against moisture. This product can be used both indoors and outdoors.

3. Mini Blocks / Bait Blocks / Tablets / Rat Ring:

A bait especially developed for outdoor use, e. g. sewage networks and waste disposal areas. This bait is particularly resistant to moisture and is very durable making it an ideal choice for tropical climates.

4. Paste Bait:

A non-portable bait for clean and targeted applications. The special combination of ingredients makes this product very attractive for rats and mice.

5. Wax Sticks

Special „All Weather Product“, developed for the outdoor application also under humid conditions. The Wax Sticks are particularly robust, extremely resistant to rain and are characterized by long durability. The Wax Sticks are an ideal product for all climatic areas. Carefully selected ingredients and the special edge design guarantee high palatability and make the product very attractive.

6. Wax Bar:

The robust combination of palatable cereals and wax. Attractive but still durable – even under extremely wet conditions! Water resistant with anti mold effect. The bar fits in commercial bait boxes and can be fixed with a wire through the hole in the middle.

7. Grain Bar:

Extruded pure grain bar – without any wax! Great luring effect due to extremely natural odour of cereals. Special extrusion method grants strong hardness and durability. Particularly suitable for use in sensitive dry areas such as food industry, stables and rooms but also outdoors.

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