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Forms of Pest Control

Effective control strategies require products that fulfill a variety of requirements. In addition to mechanical traps or gas products, rodenticides are the most commonly used means of pest control. We distinguish between two types of rodenticides: socalled acute toxicants and chronic toxicants (anticoagulants).

Acute toxicants, e. g. zinc phosphide, work relatively quickly after the chemical has been consumed and the animals perish within a matter of minutes or hours. These types of rodenticides are commonly used in controlling mouse populations.

Anticoagulants (blood coagulation inhibitors) are the most commonly used chemicals in mouse and rat control. The consumption of these substances causes internal bleeding so that the vermin is initially weakened to then perish painlessly after a few days. The staggered, apparently natural death ensures that the rest of the rodent population does not avoid the bait.