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The choice of product is based on the composition of the bait, the environment in which the bait is to be used as well as the biology of the vermin. We can, however, make the following recommendations to control vermin populations:

Mice tend to eat very little from one feeding place. We recommend establishing several feeding places with 20 30 g of bait set pproximately 2 m from each other. As mice have a small active radius, the bait should be situated close to their nests. To locate the nests, look for distinguishing marks, such as paths, excrements and damage caused by gnawing. Regularly inspect the feeding places and replenish the bait whenever necessary. As soon as the mice have been exterminated, remove any remaining bait and the containers and dispose of properly.

Rats are very cautious before they accept a new source of food. However, as soon as they feel secure, they will feed from one or a few feeding places. Select the location of the feeding places carefully, inspect the ambience for places where they gather, e.g. paths, openings or drain outlets. As a rule, use about 200 g of bait per feeding place. Never use the bait sparingly, otherwise the rats will scrap over the little bait available and consume very little. Regularly inspect the feeding places and the amount of bait consumed. Replenish whenever necessary.