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Detia Vole-Gas

Detia Vole Gas is a vole and mole repellent for year-round outdoor use. The granulate reacts with soil moisture to produce a gas that drives away the pests effectively. The product residues are environmentally harmless and have no negative effects on soil fertility.


Carefully open vole burrows with a stick in several places. Occupied burrows will be reclosed within 1-2 hours. Place the ready-to-use granulate in the opened burrows, then cover the openings (with grass or a piece of wood) to allow the gas to spread throughout the entire burrow system.

Product specification:

Detia Vole Gas is a calcium carbide-based granulate (80%) supplied in 250 g and 500 g packages.


Detia Vole Gas has been approved in Germany for use in agriculture as well as in house and small-plot gardens.