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Ant Control

Ant Bait Box

The simplest and most effective form of ant control. The ant bait box is set up on ant paths in the house as well as on balconies and terraces.
Active substance: 0.08% spinosad

Ant Powder

A fast-acting, water-soluble ant control agent. Dissolve powder in water and pour onto footpaths, in the garden, on balconies and terraces. For outdoor use only.
Active substance: 0.5 % Permethrin
Application: Spread: 10 g / mē; Pour: 20 g / litre

Ant Spray

Ready-for-use aerosol spray containing the natural active substance pyrethrum for targeted use against ants in gaps and cracks on balconies and terraces. With integrated spraying cannula.
Active substance: 0.25% natural pyrethrum
Application: Aim cannula at gaps and cracks and spray for approx. 10 seconds from a distance of approx. 10 cm. The active substance natural pyrethrum degrades very rapidly, allowing for re-use of treated areas very soon after treatment.


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