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Control of Pests and Moths

Cockroach Trap Set

This cockroach trap is made of robust plastic material for use in moist and wet areas. The set includes the body of the trap and adhesive foil with attractant. The cockroaches stick tightly to the adhesive surface, making it easy for the user to monitor the infestation constantly.
The adhesive foils are available separately.

Cockroach Trap with Attractant Tablets

Simple, clean method of cockroach monitoring. Also effective against other crawling pest species. The monitoring traps are separated along a perforation to obtain three separate traps, each of which can be charged with an attractant tablet. The attracted cockroaches stick tightly to the adhesive surface.
Active substance: Attractant, natural adhesives

TRIMO Moth-Trap

Pheromone traps are an effective means of monitoring moth infestations.
The TRIMO Moth Trap is simple to use with a highly effective design. It comprises the body of the trap, a line to suspend it from and a container for the pheromone capsule.
Remember: Pheromone capsules are not included in the scope of supply.
Application: 1 TRIMO Moth Trap per 70-100 mē of surface area.


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