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House-fly (Musca domestica)


The house-fly is 7-8 mm long, coloured dark grey to black. The underside of the abdomen is yellow. The flies have stamp-like sucking and licking mouth parts used for palpation and food uptake. 6-9 generations may be produced in a single year. A female lays up to 2,000 eggs, mainly in dung, faeces, compost heaps and garbage dumps, or in other substances such as meat.


Growing fly maggots cause direct damage to foodstuffs, above all meat, fish and cheese. Flies that alight on foodstuffs also cause indirect damaging by transmitting disease germs. The disease germs, in many cases human and domesticated animal pathogens, are transmitted in the saliva as well as on the feet and bodies of the flies.

Finally, the nuisance effect of flies can significantly affect the wellbeing of humans and domesticated animals.

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