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Fruit fly (Drosophila ssp.)


Fruit flies, properly known also as pomace flies, are small yellow-brown flies 2-3 mm long with large, usually red, eyes. They show a preference for fermenting, fermented or rotting plant materials, on which they also lay their eggs. They are thus found mainly on cut or spoiled fruit, rotting plant parts, fruit juices, wine, beer and milk. The maggots feed on these rotting substances and the microorganisms that occur on them (bacteria, yeasts, fungi).


These flies can be very bothersome due to their preference for the foodstuffs listed above. They are often a problem in gastronomic and fruit-processing operations. They can also be a domestic nuisance around fruit peelings and compost bins. They transmit microorganisms such as yeast fungi and acetic acid bacteria that cause foods to decompose.