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European mole (Talpa europaea)


The European mole is protected by law. The animal is approx. 13 to 17 cm long with a tail 2 to 4 cm long. The front legs have been transformed into digging implements. The mole has a trunk-like nose, small eyes the size of poppy seeds, and ears with no external structures the openings of which are hidden in the coat. The coat itself is anthracite to black. The European mole lives solitary in an underground system of tunnels with numerous piles of soil above the passageways. Females usually bear only one litter per year of 2 to 5 young. The European mole eats only animal food in the form of worms, insects and their larvae and is thus actually a beneficial species.


The main disturbance caused by the European mole is of an aesthetic nature (molehills). Its digging activity can also upend young plants, resulting in their death.