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Shiny spider beetle (Gibbium psylloides)


The 2 to 3 mm long, flightless, shiny brown-red beetle is rounded with a domed back and has an appearance reminiscent of a spider. The legs and feelers are covered with fine, dense, golden yellow hairs. This species occurs above all in old buildings with dark, moist rooms and interstices, in bakeries and grain stores. Both beetle and larva are omnivorous and feed on, among other things, grain and grain products, herbal drugs, hides, hey and feeds. The beetle is highly mobile, prefers moisture, is light-shy and wanders about in the darkness.


Feeding damage to foodstuffs is minimal. These beetles are mainly responsible for material damage to textiles, leather, paper, packaging materials, insulation materials, etc. They often thrive on filler materials in the false floors and ceilings of older buildings, where mass outbreaks can be a real nuisance.