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Furniture beetle (Anobium punctatum)


The adult furniture beetle, the larvae of which as generally known as the “woodworm”, is brown and grows to a length of 4 mm. The larvae, which can grow to 7 mm, bore into both coniferous and deciduous wood, where they feed and pupate in the round channels. After hatching, these adept fliers bore their way out of the wood, leaving the characteristic round woodworm holes with a diameter of 1 to 2 mm. Wood meal is pushed out through these holes, making woodworm infestation easy to recognize. The entire life cycle of the furniture beetle takes two to three years and depends on wood moisture content. Wood in moist rooms or wood that is often moistened for cleaning purposes may thus be heavily infested.


The furniture beetle is a highly destructive pest that causes damage to all native coniferous and deciduous tree species and occurs mainly in furniture, wood carvings, wooden panelling, parquetry, etc. The damage results from the larval feeding channels and the exit holes of the adult beetles.

Larvae of the Furniture beetle (Woodworm)