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House longhorn (Hylotrupes bajulus)


The house longhorn is a black to brown-black beetle with white, hairy spots on the wing cases. The neck plate has white hairs and two shiny knobs. The very long, thick, threadlike feelers are characteristic of the house longhorn. The females grow to a length of 25 mm, the males 15 mm. The larvae bore and feed in oval feeding channels in coniferous woods. The oval exit hole of the adult beetle is about 5 mm  x  3 mm in size. The life cycle takes from 2 to 14 years depending on how plentiful food is.


The house longhorn is the most important coniferous wood pest. It occurs above all in roof trusses, less frequently in furniture. Outdoors this beetle is often found in telephone and power line poles, fenceposts, etc. The damage results from the larval feeding channels in the wood and the exit holes of the adult beetles.